Lotmatik – Strategy Short Only

  • Add the strategy to your chart titled as “Lotmatik – Strategy Short Only”
  • Add the alarm script to your chart titled as “Lotmatik – Strategy Short Only – Alarm Script”
  • The alarm script also indicates the entry value (green) and exit value (red), otherwise both indicate 0.
  • Choose your time frame (e.g. 1 min as above).
  • Create your “Short” and “Close Short” alarm (alt+A) as the following under “Short Only – Alarm” condition:
  • It is always better to choose the option “Once Per Bar Close”, since the strategy enters and exits according to the bar close value as you would expect. Other 3 options trigger alarms right after when alarm condition is met, however this condition could definitely change in a bar duration. 
  • You may adjust the message.
  • Add “Close Short” alarm similarly:

Strategy Tester Example: TSLA

  • As you see, Lotmatik Strategy completed 40 short trades, out of which 18 is winning (i.e. 45% profitable), giving a net profit of 41.25% in 1-minute timeframe for TSLA.