Lotmatik User Agreement


This User Agreement (“Agreement”) and other rules on www.lotmatik.com (“Site”) regulate the terms and conditions of the services offered by Lotmatik. All policies and rules on the site are an integral part of this contract, as an annex to this contract.

This contract is made between the user who accepts the contract and Lotmatik on the internet. By using the services on the site and affiliated sites, the User agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement. If these conditions are not accepted, stop using the Site. By accepting these terms of use, the User is deemed to have accepted the content, applications and any statements regarding the User on the Site and / or to be included.

The user knows and acknowledges that each platform on the Site has its own separate terms of use.


Anyone who has completed the registration process is considered a User. This agreement is valid for all Users. This agreement will enter into force on the date of approval for existing Users upon completion of the registration process for new Users. Depending on the preferred membership, the right to use ends or is restricted.


Web-based services / products provided by Lotmatik on the site, platform and affiliated sites are offered to the users’ benefit.


Fees are announced on the Site. Lotmatik may change its pricing policy and wages from time to time with announcements or messages to be sent 7 days in advance. These changes will take effect with the start of the new period for the users whose membership continues. Users who do not accept the new pricing can leave membership within 7 days without compensation and penalty. Up-to-date fees will apply for Users who do not leave membership.


When entering the site or using the services and products, following transactions will be deemed to be clearly contrary to the contract:

Violation of legislation, violation of third parties’ rights and / or this contract or its annexes,

Violation of intellectual and / or industrial property rights such as royalty, trademark of Lotmatik or third parties,

For any reason, using Lotmatik services even though you are banned from membership,

Product and / or service fee is not paid,

Intervention of other users to benefit from the site,

Use of content for unlawful purposes,

Transferring of the User account or name without the written consent of Lotmatik,

Spam, unsolicited or mass electronic communication or sending chain e-mail,

Distribution, spreading of viruses or technologies that may harm Lotmatik or its Users,

Damage to Lotmatic infrastructure and system, including behaviors to disrupt the user profile evaluation system,

To enter the site with robot or automatic login methods for any purpose,

Collecting, storing, using and processing e-mail, sms or other personal information of other Users and sending commercial messages to these Users without the prior written consent of the Users,

Resale, sharing, distribution, reproduction of any piece of intellectual and / or industrial property subject to the site (including, but not limited to, design, text, image, html code and other codes). , deriving from them, processing works.

Identification of similar phrases with Lotmatik brand and title as User name / three

Identification of User names in violation of third parties’ rights, including brand.

If you are a member of the site as a legal entity, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to represent and bind the relevant legal entity. Otherwise, you agree to be personally responsible for any arrears and liabilities.

To make transactions on the site between your own memberships and memberships belonging to other members and / or acquaintances that do not sell products and / or services, only to transfer money, and to act in a way to manipulate the operation of the site.


Lotmatik will provide access to www.lotmatik.com.tr or affiliated sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as long as the internet infrastructure allows. Lotmatik cannot be held responsible due to internet access and infrastructure problems that may occur, or due to the inability to reach www.lotmatik.com.tr or affiliated site addresses.

Lotmatik protects the Personal Information given by the User to the required security standards. However, Lotmatik cannot be held responsible for any material or moral damage caused by the user’s personal information passing to third parties due to malicious attacks on www.lotmatik.com.tr.

Lotmatik has the right to collect “Selected Product Price” according to the payment method selected by the User. If the payment is not fulfilled within the period of time, the User agrees that he / she may stop completely or temporarily, and that legal proceedings will be made and in this case, the collection will be made with the interest charged.

Intellectual and industrial rights and license rights of all services / products belong to Lotmatik. The user knows and acknowledges that it is subject to legal and criminal sanctions to use, reproduce, spread, put up for sale or perform similar applications from Lotmatik without permission.

Lotmatik makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the content of the given product. The content of the services and products have been taken from the CMB, Borsa Istanbul, KAP, MKK and other third parties and cannot be guaranteed by Lotmatik because these institutions do not provide any assurance regarding the content. The User knows and accepts in advance that Lotmatik is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to the fact that the information contained in the content of the Services and Products are inaccurate and / or incomplete.

Lotmatik can establish partnerships with different companies as well as its affiliates and affiliates. Within this framework, services and products may be provided to the User by these companies instead of Lotmatik. The user knows and agrees that these affiliates, affiliates and partnerships are authorized to deliver products.

It is constantly renewing itself to provide the best possible service to Lotmatik Users. The user knows and acknowledges that Lotmatik’s products may change in terms of shape and content, with or without notice, and may stop for a while.


If Lotmatik is given an option for any Service in the User interface, the User is deemed to have accepted the terms in this agreement by clicking on “Accept Terms” or using the Services.

In order to purchase, access or use certain products, the user may have to register or provide some information (such as identity or contact details). The user agrees that the registration information given to Lotmatik will always be complete, accurate and up-to-date.

If the user is not of the legal age required to sign a binding contract with Lotmatik or if he is banned or restricted from purchasing products in accordance with the law, he cannot take these products and accept the terms.

User will pay “Selected Product Price” for “Selected Product” with “Selected Payment Method”. Preferred product and / or service can be used within the preferred period.

The user knows that he / she has to have computers and technological devices and programs with the necessary features in order to use some products.

Service and product right

Believing that he has sufficient information and system requirements, the User sends an e-mail to info@lotmatik.com.tr to get his password and User name. Based on this e-mail, Lotmatik sends a password and Username to the e-mail address of the User to enter the system into the User. The User is deemed to have received the service and product from the date of sending the Password and User name and opened to the usage for the duration.

User knows and accepts that the services and products offered by Lotmatik are not investment consultancy services. The user knows that Lotmatik does not have any commitment or guarantee that the service and product provided will not constitute a basis for the investment decisions, and that a certain return will be provided as a result of the service and product provided, and Lotmatik has no responsibility for the transactions and investments made as a result of the service provided. and accepts.

In terms of some products, the user logs on to the www.lotmatik.com.tr website within the given time and enters with the username and password given for him. The user can not make this product available to other people or rent it out.

All intellectual and industrial rights and copyrights regarding the services and products belong to Lotmatik. It is forbidden to use, duplicate, disseminate, publish, copy, copy, put on sale or similar applications from Lotmatik without permission. The User, who acts in the opposite direction, is responsible for the damages to be incurred as well as legal and criminal sanctions.

The user undertakes not to do any harmful works and actions that will harm the site as a whole or make www.lotmatik.com.tr a status of other sites. Otherwise, he knows and agrees that he will be responsible for the damages that will result from this.

In the case of collective unauthorized display or use of products, the person, organization, company or institution performing the demonstration; It is obliged to pay the usage fee required for each person participating in the activity to Lotmatik. The User who gives or shares such password information is responsible for the legal and criminal sanctions that will be born.

Lotmatik can make the necessary working recommendations to obtain efficiency from the service and product sold to the User. The user does not comply with the specified work recommendations and cannot hold Lotmatik responsible if the product cannot get positive results due to its deficiencies.

The user can be used from the moment he purchases services and products. As a result of this feature, the products sold are within the scope of 7 / ç-f of the Regulation on Distance Contracts dated 27 March 2011 and numbered 27866. According to the related article, the user knows that he has no right to withdraw.

The user can forward the complaints and objections regarding the products and services to the e-mail address info@lotmatik.com.tr. In this way, objections and complaints will be provided faster. However, if the objection and complaint remains inconclusive, individual customers can make their complaints and appeals about disputes under the value stated in article 22 of the Law on Consumer Protection to the Urla Consumer Problems Arbitration Committee or the consumer court in the place where their residence is located, can appeal.


In the event that Lotmatik detects that the service and product are abused by the User or if the User acts against the rules unilaterally, he / she may dismiss the User by dismissing the Agreement, or by removing the User from www.lotmatik.com.tr and / or completely block access to affiliate sites.

As a result of the termination or expiration of this contract, all rights and obligations owned by the PARTIES also expire.


The parties acknowledge that the addresses, e-mails and telephones specified in this contract are valid as long as they are not changed in writing, and the notifications and notifications to these addresses are valid.


In case of disputes arising from the application or interpretation of this contract, PARTIES shall exclude Url exclusively.

PARTIES declared that the courts and enforcement offices are competent and that they accept the application of Turkish Law.

This Agreement consists of ten articles, has been read by the parties and fully accepted. The parties declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written in this contract.