Indicators and Strategies Build for Tradingview

Lotmatik develops script codes that you can use on the Tradingview service provider and presents them to your service. Click here to find us on Tradingview.

EasyCate: Indicators that are Easy-to-Read

  • Easy to follow and read,
  • Adjustable,
  • Alarms can be set,
  • It is very easy to get an idea of where market is heading using Lotmatik EasyCate Indicators. Easycate covers most popular indicators for you with its special “easy-to-see” format.
  • Anybody who knows what the traffic lights stand for will have a very fast understanding at a first glance.
  • It is green when indicator is positive, yellow when indicator is in a transition, and red when negative. Therefore, no need to push yourself to get lost in thousands of different indicators in the library and try to see tiny lines and scaling just to get a feeling of where market is going.
  • You may find details of each indicator under easycate menu.

Strategies that are profitable and easy-to-follow with buy / sell and short / close short alarms.

  • Lotmatik strategies are shown in a different section as seen below, and it is easy to follow.
  • It will send a buy alarm when background turns to green, and sell alarm when sell shape appears to close a trade.
  • First number (white) indicates entry price on when there is a buy alarm, second number (yellow) indicates the size of entry, third number (green or red) indicates the live profit/loss amount, fourth number (white) indicates exit price on when there is a sell alarm, and last number (red) is “1.00” when sell shape appears.

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